Gong - Chinese Bow

The gong is the most ancient form of ballistic weapon, and the Chinese bow is believed to have been invented over 4,000 years ago.

Archery was known as one of the six ancient arts that a gentleman must master (the others being calligraphy, math, rites, music, and chariot riding). Archery was not only an athletic activity, but also a way of improving character and displaying a refined personality.

In the Analects, Confucius said: “The gentleman must not compete, but if forced to, he shall compete in archery. Before the match they must bow to each other, and afterwards they drink to each other. Thus the competition is gentlemanly.”

Shen Yun’s dance Imperial Archers sends the audience back to ancient China, where a group of young men prepare to defend their country.

The Shen Yun piece Lady of the Moon is based on the legend of nine scorching suns that suddenly appear in the sky, bringing devastation upon the earth. Fortunately, the hero Houyi uses a magical bow to shoot down all the extra suns, not neglecting to leave one up there.

Dao - Chinese Saber
Fu - Chinese Axe
Houyi and Chang'e - the Goddess of the Moon
Qiang - the Chinese Spear
Jian - Double-Edged Chinese Sword
Dao - Chinese Saber
Bang - Staff
Fu - Chinese Axe